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2016 Departmental Expenditures

Accounts payable expenditures by vendor totaling $10,000 and above for fiscal year 2016.

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Department NameDescriptionVendorVendor NumberAmount
Library DepartmentBooksINGRAM LIBRARY SERVICES, INC.000026396$29,604.27
Library DepartmentBooksTHE PARK STREET FOUNDATION000035239$12,486.00
Library DepartmentCIP - EquipmentWB MASON COMPANY INC000023296$10,024.52
Library DepartmentDesign & EngineeringARS SERVICES, INC.000037122$29,104.18
Library DepartmentDesign & EngineeringCERTAPRO PAINTERS OF SO. NH000039261$14,265.00
Library DepartmentDesign & EngineeringCJ RYDER FLOORING, LLC000039344$17,295.38
Library DepartmentDesign & EngineeringENERGY EFFICIENT INVESTMENTS,INC000039224$26,645.19
Library DepartmentDesign & EngineeringPELMAC INDUSTRIES INC000002401$44,870.00
Library DepartmentDesign & EngineeringSTANLEY ELEVATOR CO INC000002874$27,857.00
Library DepartmentElectricityEVERSOURCE000002557$40,975.70
Library DepartmentLibrary Computer SystemGMILCS INC000001220$69,826.00
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